Commercial Real Estate Loans:

Traditional starting at 5.50% and Non-Traditional at 8.00%

SorsLending is proud to lend money to Nationals and Foreign Nationals Borrowers. SorsLending specialized in US citizens and Mexican borrowers. Because our loans are stated income loans, the borrower just needs to have a bank account in the United States.

Sors Lending traditional and non-traditional Commercial Real Estate Loans, Real Estate Investment Loan.

Traditional Commercial Loan

Best for US citizen or companies with credit history in the United States. Traditional loans starting at 5.50% interest rate. Full documentation and minimum 640 FICO score.

Non-Traditional Commercial Loan

Alternative financing for Commercial Real Estate. Stated income loan, with little or no documentation required, starting at 8.00% annual interest rate. Best for Mexican and foreign national Investors. Referral Partner

8.00% Rate

Private and/or Hard Money financing starting at 8.00% annual interest rate. This rate is based on the fact that the property to be financed complies with the requirements of the lender. The risk of the property is based on the production of the real estate.

5.50% Rate

Traditional loans starting at 5.50% annual interest rate. This type of loan required full documentation from the borrower and the property, financial statements, bank statements, minimum 640 FICO score. Please Contact Us for a full loan package.

Origination Fees

SorsLending origination fees going from 1.00% up to 5.00% over the loan amount. In a commercial-investment real estate loan, there are some other closing costs, for example: origination fee, lender fee, title company fee, attorney-documents preparation fee, among others. Please Contact Us for a list of the borrower's closing costs.


Residential Loan

1 to 4 rental, Airbnb, Flipping

Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial

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Purchase - Refinance - Cahs out

1 to 4 rental, Airbnb, Flipping

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